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Provision on 1+1% of the income tax

Tax 1% technical number

1+1% of the personal income tax can be applied for until May 20, this year, at the latest, regardless of the personal income tax return. Support OM Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir with your tax offering!

Every Hungarian or foreign citizen working in Hungary can decide again this year to donate 1 percent of their personal income tax paid on the consolidated tax base to a registered civil society organization, and another 1 percent to a religious community with technical number.

1+1% of the income tax - regardless of the method of income tax declaration - can be disposed of together with the return or separately.

The easiest way to submit the declaration is electronically

  • You have completed it online on the e-SZJA web interface
  • in ÁNYK (general form filler app), together with the return, you have filled out EGYSZA page of it
  • separately, by filling in form 22EGYSZA.

It can be submitted on paper by post, or in person or by an authorized representative, in a sealed envelope at NAV (National Tax Office) customer services

  • along with the personal income tax return, filling in EGYSZA sheet of it,
  • on the declaration prepared and printed with the filling program of the e-SZJA interface,
  • on the form marked 22EGYSZA or on a declaration with the same data.

If the declarations are submitted in person by a case representative, the authorization must also be attached.

It can be submitted also to the employer in a sealed envelope by May 10, 2023, if the employer undertakes to collect the statements. The signature of the donor must appear on the envelope where it is glued.

The deadline of May 20, this year, is void. This means that if someone disposes of 1+1% of their personal income tax paid after May 20, their disposal is invalid, and the delay cannot be excused with a request for certification.

Offerings made in favor of religious communities remain valid. This means that formally appropriate declarations made for technical numbers in 2021 and the following years will be taken into account by NAV in the years beyond, as long as the holder does not submit a new declaration or withdraws his previous declaration.

At the same time, declarations must still be made annually in favor of civil beneficiaries, as the NAV can only take these offers into account once, in the year of the provision.

The holder of 1+1% of the income tax can decide that NAV communicates his name and contact information to the designated civil beneficiary. The provision of these data and consent to data management is voluntary, so it is not a condition for the valid provision.

From January of next year, the holder can also check on the NAV website whether the beneficiary designated this year has benefited from the offered amount. If you have an electronic account, NAV will also inform you electronically about the allocation of the offered amount.

How to donate 1% of your tax to the Hindu Mandir?

  1. Download the 22EGYSZA.pdf form at the bottom of the page in the Downloads section 
  2. Fill in your tax identification number at the top of the page
  3. Fill in the technical number 0303 of the Hindu Mandir
  4. Fill in the tax number of the civil society of your choice 
  5. Place it in an envelope, stick it and sign the envelope where it is glued
  6. Hand it in to the finance department of your workplace by May 10 of this year

You can also submit your tax 1% provision electronically (see above)

Filling the tax 1% provision form
Filling the tax 1% provision form