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We are going to build a Hindu temple

We are going to build a Hindu temple

At the beginning of 2023, Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir, operating in the ground floor apartment of a IX. district residential building in Budapest, can look back on a history of nearly four decades. During this time, many members of the Indian community living in Hungary participated in our programs, festivals and ceremonies held in the temple.

Indian fathers working here prayed for their families back home, students who asked the Supreme for help to successfully complete their studies. Employees of Indian companies operating here on assignment, sometimes with their families, sometimes without them, spent longer or shorter periods of time in Budapest, and in the meantime found the link to the spirituality of India at home in the Mandir.

Indian entrepreneurs made an offering for their successful business in the temple. Indian company leaders and managers working here asked for blessings and protection to further build their careers.

A long-awaited meeting
A long-awaited meeting

Far from home, far from the usual, rich Indian spiritual culture in a foreign country, the satsangs, pujas, and spiritual programs of the Hindu Mandir helped bridge the feeling of isolation. But the possibilities and space of a Hindu temple operating in a condominium residential property are severely limited.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if Budapest finally had an independent Hindu temple, a building of its own, where the members of the community living here could meet freely, celebrate their holidays and festivals without having to worry about the neighbours? Where there would be a place big enough for the whole community to celebrate together? Where could a Hindu priest or monk live who would take care of the service related to the spiritual life of the community? Which would be easily accessible, so that it could be visited often with relatively few trips? Where could people from the countryside easily get to?

Well prepared project
Well prepared project
A Hindu temple for ceremonies

We need a Hindu temple in which a Hindu priest constantly prays and conducts ceremonies, so that the Divine Presence can be strongly felt. Where the faithful can visit at any time for a prayer and continue their daily tasks with a renewed spirit. Where everyone can be blessed and thereby enjoy the gifts of good health, happiness and contentment, spiritual and material well-being.

Hindu temple as a community space

In the Hindu temple that we want to build, we will be able to gather and organize our Hindu holidays and festivals. Acting as a community space, it will give us the opportunity to meet our friends and acquaintances, where we will be able to build personal and even professional relationships with like-minded, peaceful, open, and spiritually oriented people.

Nice construction plot
Nice construction plot
A large Hindu temple to accommodate all

In a temple of adequate size, we can organize large gatherings with the entire Hindu community. Currently, during major festivals, our Hindu community organizes programs in three or four locations so that everyone has the opportunity to participate. In a large Hindu temple, everyone can be together, and celebrate at the same time.

A Hindu temple next to a traffic junction

We have a building plot of suitable size in Budapest XIX. district, near the Kőbánya-Kispest railway and metro station and the KÖKI terminal shopping center, on which we could build. The advantage of the location, which is easily accessible by public transport, is that it can be visited often and can be reached with a short journey.

We set up a professional group of 6 people to manage and supervise the temple building project.

We have been collecting for the construction of the temple for a decade, but we still need additional donations to start.

Since the establishment of OM Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir, we have been planning and raising funds for the construction of a Hindu temple and religious center in Budapest, in traditional Indian architectural style, for traditional Hindu religious programs and activities.

Please support our temple building project for the Hindu community living in Hungary!

Donations can be transferred to the following separate sub-account:

OM Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir  
"Adományok templomépítésre" bank account: 11708001-20508562

International bank transfers:
IBAN: HU33 1170 8001 2050 8562 0000 0000
OTP Bank,1051 Budapest, Nádor utca 16. Hungary

It is also possible to donate online: