Our spiritual masters

Param Mahasiddha Avatar Sri Alakhpuriji

In the Himalayas, between two pilgrim-places Kedarnath and Badrinath lies the Siddha Dhuni or Siddha Dham ashram. Here Param Mahasiddha Awatar Sri Alakhpuriji, the Guru of Paramyogeshwar Swayambhu Sri Devapuriji, sometimes dwells with some of his disciples.

Sri Alakhpuriji is one of the great Siddhas or Rishis from Satya Loka - the highest cosmic level of Truth and Absolute Reality.

The seven Rishis, protectors of the world, are present on Earth for many thousands of years, sometimes in visible, sometimes in invisible form. Their age is unknown and they are capable of changing their body at own will. They stand above all conditions of this material world.

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Paramyogeshwar Swayambhu Sri Devpuriji

Yogeshwar Sri Devpuriji is revered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The place where he had his ashram, Kailash/Rajasthan, carries the same name as the mountain Kailash in the Himalayas (Tibet) which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Sri Devpuriji's powers are immeasurable. He embodies all characteristics of Lord Shiva - Shiva is the saviour, the destroyer of bad and evil. Shiva is consciousness, purity, fire. He protects his devotees. It was Lord Shiva who brought the wisdom of yoga to humanity.

The record of Sri Devpuriji's life is only fragmentary. One of his characteristics was to appear suddenly, out of nowhere, and to disappear in similarly unexpected way.

Wherever he went, wonderful things happened. It is said that within a circle of five metres around him no rain would fall and that his feet would leave no footprints.

In his ashram at Kailash he held numerous wonderful Satsangs, which attracted people from all over India. Sri Devpuriji's words were like heavenly ambrosia to all his devotees. Great was Sri Devpuriji's love for animals. He was constantly followed by a flock of cows, goats, birds, dogs and snakes.

Sri Devpuriji is the Guru of Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji. Their relationship was one of great unity and love. They were "two in body, but one in Atma". Sri Mahaprabhuji expressed his devotion towards his master in numerous poetic spiritual songs (bhajans). They describe the highest aim of yoga, the union with the omnipresent, eternal and divine Self.

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Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji

An incarnation of divine love, light and wisdom, the great saint and Divine Master Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji lived and worked in Rajasthan, Northwest India, from 1828 to 1963.

His ashram, situated in the middle of the desert Thar became a place of pilgrimage. Millions of seekers visit the place and bathe in its extraordinary radiance and divine atmosphere.

Mahaprabhuji's being and teaching was uplifting for human society, providing protection and care for all other creatures. His life and words conveyed the spirit of the highest eternal truth Sat Sanatana Dharma to everyone he met, regardless of their religion, nationality or social position. Sat Sanatana Dharma means "Realisation of the oneness with the divine Self". This is the eternal "religion", beyond all kinds of denominations which unites all living beings. It proclaims that all living entities carry the same divine light in themselves

"Love all living entities at least as much as yourself" - that is the essence of Mahaprabhuji's message. Love is understanding, it is forgiving, giving and helping. All living beings, humans and animals, are God's children, they are all part of Him. Thus every human is one with God and one with the whole creation. His life's duty is to recognize and realize it on earth. That is, man should give up all kinds of discriminating egotism and narrow minded selfishness and live in unity and harmony with all living beings. People should work in co-operation, while giving help and support to each other.

On that day and hour he announced a year before, Mahaprabhuji left this world at the age of 135. However His spirit is none the less present and the flame he kindled in the hearts of his devotees is unquenchable just like the divine light from which it originates

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Hindu Dharma Samrat
Paramhans Sri Swami Madhavananda

Paramhans Swami Madhavananda was one of the few real spiritual masters of our epoque. He was the disciple of Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji, who rendered him his spiritual heritage when he left this world.

Through his exemplary life of pure devotion to God and through his selfless service to all living beings he inspired all striving ones which came to him. He spent his time mainly in his ashrams in Jaipur and Nipal (Rajasthan, India), but also undertook journeys to his aspirants in India and Europe.

Paramhans Swami Madhavananda attained great respect, both in India and abroad, and was honoured with many spiritual titles, among others the Hindu Dharma Samrat, which means the upholder of Sat Sanathan Dharma, the eternal ruling "religion" which is above all "confessions" and connects and unites all living beings.

In the book Lila Amrit (The Nectar of Divine Play) Paramhans Swami Madhavananda disclosed the life-story of his divine master Sri Mahaprabhuji.

Holy Guruji, as he was affectionately called by his disciples, entered into Mahasamadhi on October 31st in 2003. Still he remains a true inspiration for all seekers of the Truth.

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Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar
Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda

Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, known as Swamiji, is the disciple and successor of Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji. Since 1972 he lives and works in Europe. Through his longlasting activities in the West Swamiji became familiar with the way of life and the many problems people face in modern world, with psycho-somatic consequences of a wrong way of life, stress, fear for life and mental illness. He developed a comprehensive master system called
"Yoga in Daily Life", based on original yoga tradition and specially directed to the situation and needs of modern civilization. The system can be lived and practiced independently of age, social status, nationality and denomination.

The main points of Swamiji's teachings are:

  • physical, mental, social and spiritual health
  • respect for life
  • tolerance for all religions, cultures and nationalities
  • global peace
  • protection of human rights and values
  • protection of environment and preservation of nature.

The realization of these fundamental principles of life shall lead man to spiritual development, Self-Realization and Realization of God.

Swamiji's selfless service, his tireless care and love for all living beings, his lectures and satsangs are a source of inspiration for thousands of people from all over the world, who are striving for spiritual realization.

In recognition of his humanitarian and spiritual merits Swamiji received many thanks, awards and honouring titles from all over the world. At the Maha Kumbha Mela in Haridwar/India (April, 1998) he was appointed to Mahamandaleshwar of Maha Nirvani Akhara.

At the occasion of a visit of his Master, Holy Guruji, in Europe, in 1988, Swamiji inspired his followers in Hungary to establish OM Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir, a temple consecrated to Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji.