The activities of the Mandir can be supported by voluntary work, by offering the 1% of the personal income tax, as well es by donations.
Donations for temple construction
Since the establishment of our organisation we plan and collect our financial resources for the construction of a Hindu temple and religious centre near to Budapest, in traditional Indian architecture, for hindu religious programs and activities. Donations can be transferred to the following separated bank account (postal cheques we can provide in the Mandir office):

OM Vishwa Guru Deep Hindu Mandir
"Adományok templomépítésre" alszámla: 11708001-20508562

(i.e. "Donations for temple construction" subsidiary account)
Offering 1% of the personal income tax
In Hungary it is possible to offer the 1% of the personal income tax to a registered church or religious organisation. Since this is possible we collect the 1% offerings of the income tax from our members and sympathizers, whose attention and generosity we are grateful for. From a small part of the collected amount we have renovated our real estate in Budapest, Bokréta street, the greater part of it we collect on our bank account for the establishment of a national centre.

Our identification for offering the 1% of personal income tax:
Tax number: 18298273-1-43

Personal Income Tax 1 % Declaration Statement
Since our community has been forced to continue its operations in the legal form of an association,
we have no more possibility for collecting the +1% of income tax being offered for church organisations.